Invisible Deck Bicycle (Blue)

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Magician’s weapon! The invisible deck has been described by some as one of the best card tricks known.

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An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles – yet is EASY TO DO.

In the classic presentation of this effect, the magician hands the spectator an imaginary, or ‘invisible’ deck, hence the trick’s title. On being handed the deck, the spectator is made to mime the acts of ‘removing’ the cards from their case; ‘shuffling’ them; ‘spreading’ them face-up on the table; freely ‘selecting’ a card; ‘replacing’ it face-down among the other face-up cards; and ‘returning’ the deck to its box. At this point, either the spectator keeps the imaginary deck while the magician removes the real deck from his pocket, or the spectator hands the imaginary deck to the magician, which suddenly becomes real in the magician’s hand. The magician then asks the spectator to name the card he/she selected, removes the deck, face-up, from its box and spreads the cards to show one face-down card, relying on the aforementioned organizational method. The spectator removes the card to find it is the one he/she named moments earlier.

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