Houdini Card Mystery

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The signed card is tied down and bolted into the deck.
Yet it escapes in an instant!

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A freely selected-signed card is returned to the deck. The deck is placed in the card box. There are 2 half-inch holes drilled through the deck and card case.

The spectator threads a ribbon through the 1st hole and the performer places a bolt through the hole in the middle of the deck. A nut is then tightened onto the bolt.

Spectator covers the performer’s hands momentarily and the performer brings out one card from underneath the handkerchief. It is the signed card.

Performer lifts the handkerchief to show that the bolt is still securing the card case and every card is still threaded onto the ribbon.

No setup required.
Ideal for table-hopping.
Can be repeated immediately.
Very easy to perform requiring only one sleight of controlling the selected card to the top of the deck.

Come complete with Bicycle Card.

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