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We are delighted to present to the magic fraternity this handsome prop, precision machined from brass.
For those not familiar with the Bill Tube, here is the basic effect. You produce a key and hand it over to a spectator. Then you borrow a bill, have it signed by the lender, fold it, and wrap it in a hanky and hand to another spectator to hold. You next show a solid Brass Tube that has a cap locked onto the tube and ask yet another spectator to hold and guard it during the miracle. You now whip away the handkerchief. The Bill has disappeared! The spectator holding the key is requested to unlock and open the tube. Inside the tube is a bill. The spectator himself removes the Bill, and finds it the same Bill, bearing his signature.

Our Bill Tube is made for smooth working and ingeniously gimmicked, and can be handled and examined by the audience. It comes with detailed handling instructions and different presentation ideas and references.

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