Instant Rubik Cube Solve


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This is a fascinating novelty, based on the popular Rubik’s Cube, which can also be performed as a Magic Trick.

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Performer displays a mixed up Rubik’s Cube all around. It is seen to be with all the colors mixed on all six sides. He holds the cube in one hand, and a handkerchief in front of the cube with the other. When the handkerchief is removed a moment later, the cube is fully solved with all the colors separated on the six sides.

The cube can be shown freely on all sides. You could also do this behind your back or under the table. Holding a handkerchief in one hand, and the cube in the other makes it more mystifying, and both your hands seem to be occupied. You could also perform the effect, single handed, without the handkerchief, in which case it is more of an intriguing novelty rather than a magical effect.

Pull out the cube from some production prop in the mixed state, look at it, solve it with one hand in an instant and place it aside.

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