Aqua Change Vase

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Change plain water to silk!

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MAGICAL TRANSFORMATIONS! This is a great utility prop for changing liquids to solids.

Also use this versatile prop to change solids to other solids (See below).

You display an attractive vase (it could also resemble a chalice). It is shown to be empty. Liquid, of any kind, is poured into the vase and then covered with the supplied cylinder. The EMPTY cylinder is just big enough to cover the vase (No loads).

A MAGICAL PASS is made over the vase. Upon lifting the cover the vase is tossed in the air and out showers a silk, streamers, confetti or other similar solid objects. THE WATER IS COMPLETELY GONE AND YOU CAN HAND THE VASE OUT FOR EXAMINATION! They will find nothing.

If you need a great way to transform liquid to solids this is the utility prop for you!

But that’s not all:

Pour colored liquid in and toss towards the audience. Watch them JUMP as they are showered with multicolored Mylar confetti instead! (See confetti for sale on this page). Or do the same effect with milk and white confetti!

SOLID TO SOLID- You can use this as a switching vase. Put in 3 small silks and make them change into one large silk of the same colors! (blendo). Transform raw ingredients to a small amount of candy. Easy to do. Automatic working, just cover the vase, lift and the items are transformed! Expertly made! Spun Aluminum props feature a deluxe coated finish for rich colors.

Vase measures approximately 4-1/14″ x 6″ and the cover measures approx. 4.5″ by 6 1/4″.

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